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Silicon Valley Future Forum - AI


Mr. Westly is the Founder & Managing Partner of The Westly Group. He and his partners have built one of the larger sustainability venture firms in the US with close to $330 million under management. The Westly Group focuses on capital efficient, high growth companies in the sustainability, sharing economy, and the Internet of Things spaces. The firm has blue chip investors including Citibank, Duke Energy, RWE, SK Telecom. The company has invested in 33 portfolio companies, three of which have gone public on NASDAQ, including Tesla Motors. The Net IRR on the investments Mr. Westly has led is 40%.

Steve Westly Co-founder & Managing Partner

Investment Opportunities and Challenges in China

Mr. Zhou Liu is the Founding Partner and the Chairman of Fortune Caixin and Fortune Venture Capital Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu has rich experience in company assessment, financial consulting and management. He has profound understanding of the capital market in China, which translates into good insight on project assessment.

Zhou Liu, Founder

Investment Opportunities and Challenges in China

Mr. Zhuo Luo is the Founding Partner and Managing partner of THG Ventures. Mr. Luo has over 15 years experience in venture capital investment as well as management. Mr. Luo was nominated twice on Forbes Midas List in China. Mr. Luo has led and participated in the investment of more than ten venture capital companies, including Sumavision, Smartdot and Qiagen.

Zhuo Luo, Founder

Investment Opportunities and Challenges in China

Mrs. Li Chen is the Co-Founder and President of Zhisland. The company’s business includes investment management, asset management, business management, investment consulting, and financial consulting.

Li Chen, Co-Founder & President

Technology Innovation and Investment in Silicon Valley

Paul Ferris is a founding General Partner with Azure Capital Partners and has over 20 years experience working with high growth technology companies, with the past 16 years investing directly in consumer, communications technology, mobile, cloud applications and infrastructure, IoT, gaming and digital media related companies for Azure.

Paul Ferris, General Partner

Technology Innovation and Investment in Silicon Valley

Most recently he was Founder/CEO of Optony, a solar energy company he started in Silicon Valley and expanded to China. As Chairman of Solar Decathlon China, he challenged 22 teams from 13 countries to build zero energy buildings. At Innovalight Inc, the nano-silicon materials and related printing technologies his team developed helped the company to be acquired by DuPont.

PR Yu, Managing Partner

Investment Trends and Opportunities

Allan Young is currently founder of TopLine, a technology and business incubator in Richmond Marina Bay near UC Berkeley. Previously, he founded Runway, another technology incubator in the heart of San Francisco. Allan has experience as a venture capitalist as part of a small group of students that launched a venture fund managed by undergraduates.

Allan Young, Founder

Investment Trends and Opportunities

Noah has founded, launched and grown dozens of high technology products and companies in 20 years of entrepreneurship and management of innovation. Noah most recently directed the enterprise product line for Google’s geospatial products, Google Earth and Google Maps.

Noah. J. Doyle, Managing Director

Investment Trends and Opportunities

Gady has over 20 years of experience, including 10 years as founder and CEO of Sonnet Financial and Adzaar. Gady serves as director or advisor on several corporate boards including UserTesting, Reactful, Illumeo, OpenBucks, and DailyPay.

Gady Nemirovsky, General Partner

Panel Discussion: Fund of Fund on a Global Scale

Ms. Poon leads the identification, analysis, due diligence and selection of private market investments. Prior to joining TorreyCove, Ms. Poon served as Investment Officer of San Jose Retirement Services’ Investment Group. Ms. Poon was primarily responsible for the hedge fund, fixed income, and private equity investment activities.

Heidi Poon, Senior Vice President

Panel Discussion: Fund of Fund on a Global Scale

Keith Spears is an alternative asset professional with a particular expertise in private equity. He has led the due diligence effort on over 50 fund and co-investment opportunities and he has generated top quartile performance on behalf of his clients. Keith is the Chief Operating Officer & President, Private Equity at First Capital Real Estate Investments.

Keith Spears, President

Panel Discussion: AI Investment and Chatbot

Murray Newlands FRSA is an entrepreneur, business advisor and speaker. Newlands is the founder of and online invoicing company. Newlands is also an adviser to the Draper Nexus Network of Things Fund that invests in IOT companies. He gives practice advice from the 1000’s of pitches he has heard for entrepreneurs and startups to grow their companies, get investment and succeed.

Murray Newlands Contributor

AI Frontier Technologies and Investment

John Mannes writes about machine learning and AI for TechCrunch. He maintains a longstanding interest in the venture capital funding landscape and the ways in which it incentivizes macro innovation. His work has also been featured in The Washington Post and Education Week.

John Mannes, Writer

AI Frontier Technologies and Investment

Jun Wu is a general partner of Amino Capital. He is also a Google search expert and Google Vice President, Tencent board member. Mr. Wu earned his ph. D. in Whiting School of engineering, John Hopkins.

Jun Wu, General Partner

Welcome Remark

Daniel is the founder of Silicon Valley Future Forum - SVFF. He is an expert in industrial technology & innovation, capital management, and frontier technology investment with 30 years of working experience in the United States, Japan, Canada and China. He is active in business mentorship at the Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute helping startup entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Daniel D. Zhong, Managing Director

Autonomous Driving

Gu is expertise to latest Big Data + machine learning applications and distributed systems. She also worked to design the Heterogeneous System Coherence for future AMD APU processor and propose new power model for multi-core CPUs. Her school research experience includes a high performance computer architecture design project with professors from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Tsinghua University, and three years in a multi-media DSP development project involving H/W simulation, verification, and video application coding in C++ and assembly.

Junli Gu, Tech Lead

Internet of Things

Shashi Senger is a San Francisco Bay Area technology leader. He is currently Chief Strategy Officer of N3N Inc. N3N - a leader in monitoring, detection and issue prediction software for IT/Business operations teams around the globe. Today N3N monitors over 1 billion pieces of data everyday for global corporations including LG, KIA Motors, Samsung and Hyundai. Senger formerly held several key executive leadership roles at Cisco Systems, IHS and AltaVista.

Shashikant Senger, CEO

Morning Talks

Anil Earla is the Head of Information and Data Analytics for Global IS at Visa Inc., As an intrapreneur, he is passionate about bringing Silicon Valley innovation mind set to larger organizations. Under his leadership, his team won Data Impact awards at Strata + Hadoop World 2015 for innovation in data ecosystem.

Anil Earla, Head of Information and Data Analytics

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