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Makers Technology, Inc. is located at the center of Silicon Valley-Santa Clara. Founded by Daniel Zhong, a senior material scientist, Allan Young, the founder of well-known San Francisco based incubator RunWay, and futurist Sheng Zhao, Makers Technology, with Topline high-tech fund and Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneur Institute (SVIEI) as its subsidiaries, is dedicated to building a service platform for high-tech investment between Chinese investors and Silicon Valley.


Makers Technology’s main business includes overseas training programs for Chinese Entrepreneurs, Financial Advisory, and double GP cross-border US dollar funds. So far, Makers Technology has already worked with over 6000 high quality startups and has built a strong innovation & entrepreneurship, incubating, accelerating, and investment platform by cooperating with Silicon Valley famous venture capitals, law firms, and accounting firms. Makers Technology’s mission is to help Chinese capitals connect with Silicon Valley frontier technology startups.

Makers Technology, together with Vadi Technology (Israel) and Made in China International, launched six offices in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Tel Aviv, Shanghai, and Beijing, integrating global resources formed an international talent team. We aim to build a global high-tech ecological investment network, in order to predict a new round of development trend of science and technology, to capture the next "exponential gazelle", "unicorn", and "hundreds of Angle of the beast" and other start-ups.

The mission of Makers Technology is to become “the first entrance” of Chinese capital investment in high technology projects in Silicon Valley.

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